Our Present

On Palm Sunday March 24, 2002, the Ground Breaking Celebrating was held.  The congregation walked form the current edifice to the new church property signing praise to the Lord and waiving palm leaves.  The Rt. Rev. Frank C. Cummings officiated. 

In addition to membership growth during this period, Allen Temple Church expanded in service to the community through a grant awarded conjunction with the Cobb Compassionate Communities Program funded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Center for Faith-Based Initiatives in October of 2002.  Through this program, Allen Temple provided job enhancement, job preparation and English/Spanish language training to residents of Woodstock and surrounding communities. 


In October of 2003, construction began on phase one of the new church.  On October 3, 2004, Allen Temple opened the doors of a new 730-seat sanctuary with a grand foyer, state-of-the-art audio/visual system and 77 seat choir stand.  Pastor Moore and church leaders led members into the new sanctuary in prayerful silence and delivered the first sermon to over 900 members and visitors in attendance. 

After the sale of our old building in 2005, the members again began to pledge campaign in order to amass funds to begin the building of the Second Phase of the new structure. Phase two of our Church building project began September, 2006, with an anticipated completion date on August, 2007. 

In 2006, Allen Temple adopted the phrase “Growing Within…Reaching Out,” to better communicate the church’s purpose to the congregation and community.  During March, 2007, a Church Wide Campaign was executed called “Samaritan Reach.”  Through this effort the entire membership was able to get involved offering needed services and help to individuals and Non-profit organizations serving person in Cherokee County and surrounding communities.  The campaign was a tremendous success.