Greeter's Ministry

Greeter Ministry Responsibilities


The greeter is responsible to ensure that every person entering the church is greeted and that visitors are offered assistance as appropriate so that everyone feels important and welcome.  We will be asked to serve during special events on an as needed basis.


Ministry Area/Department:





Greeter Ministry Leader

Ministry Target:

Congregation and Guests

Position Type:


Position May Be Filled By:

Church Member

Minimum Maturity Level

New, Growing Christian

Talents or Abilities Desired

§         Comfortable talking to/greeting guests

§         Able to give clear directions regarding church facilities

Best Personality Traits

§         Hospitable, not shy (or is able to overcome shyness)

§         Sensitive to needs and feelings of others

§         Dependable

§         Excellent people skills

§         Patient

Passion For

Making people feel welcome

Length of Service Commitment

One (1) Year Minimum


Anticipated Time Commitments


1.     Doing/Preparing for Ministry:  One (1) hour a month or more should we be asked to assist during special events

2.     One (1) Service per Month, unless you volunteer to do more

3.     Participating in Meetings/Training: Minimal, as needed




1.     Sensitive to the spiritual and physical needs of people.

2.     Behavior reflects Christ and fruits of the Spirit.

3.     Hospitable at all times.

4.     Initiate interaction with guest and members within 30 seconds of their entry into the church.

5.     Provide information as needed or requested.

6.     Open doors for or assist the elderly/disabled.

7.     Show up to your post on time…

a.     For 8:00am Service by 7:45am until Opening Prayer

b.     For 11:00am Service by 10:45am until Opening Prayer

8.     Attend meetings (approximately two (2) annually).

9.     Available for special events (rotating schedule).

10. Accountable to Team Captain.

11. Team Captain to pray before greeting on their Sunday.

12. Team Captain to collect “Greeter” pins and place back in the designated area before leaving.

13. There must be a Team Captain at every service.

14. You are responsible for finding your replacement if you are unable to Greet at your designated time.

15. Please use the following as a last resort:

a.     If you will not be able to serve on your Sunday and you cannot find a replacement to switch with, please call Ann Johnson.  However, please do not wait until the last minute to let Ann know.  


Buddy System


1.     Each Team Member must buddy with another Team Member that does not serve at the same time you do.

2.     Each Team Captain must buddy with another Team Captain that does not serve at the same time you do as well.




1.     Neatly dressed.

2.     Good breath.


Eternal Purpose


1.     To help prepare hearts to participate in worship

2.     To look for opportunities to meet needs

3.     To look for opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ